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Yame's Hemp Butter

Yame’s Hemp Butter® is a product that was created by both myself and my daughter's father, Metu. Hemp butter was inspired by the birth of our daughter, Kebra Nyame, hence the name Yame's, and has proven to be an excellent cosmetic. We initially did a test launch of the product at the end of 2010 and are now preparing to distribute this product again after much popular demand.

Yame’s Hemp Butter® is a hand and body butter used for moisturizing and healing the skin. The base composition of this balanced product is Shae Butter and Hemp Oil, with an added natural fragrance for each flavor. It is a deep moisturizing agent that can be used in place of Shae Butter as a smoother alternative with invigorating scent. We encourage use of our Original butter on the face, hair, scalp, and entire body. Our flavored butters are recommended for use on the hands and body and can be used on the face and hair at the discretion of each user.

​Our Available flavors at this time are: Original, Frankinsence Spice and Vanilla Bean. Yame’s Hemp Butter®: “Love Yourself All Over” today and everyday.


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