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Nu LEGACY: HerStory

Nu LEGACY is a Spiritual energy – an entrepreneur, songstress, producer, community organizer, mother and homeschooler to name a few. Her works and passions are in the realm of creating empowering and innovative media, implementing organizational management and living naturally.


Nu has been composing on the piano since the age of 6 with no formal education. At 8 years old she began recording in the studio on family projects and has since become a proficient recording artist. Among her musical accomplishments are her most recent release "Nu LEGACY: ReBirth of the Nu Light" in November 2012 and her debut album “Legacy: The Album” which was released in July 2007. The Single "WE FREE!" featuring I Talk was Independently distributed world wide in 2008. The video for the single was subsequently released a few weeks after release of the song.


Since then, this progressive artist formally known as L.E.G.A.C.Y., has been performing, recording, taking classes towards her nursing degree, building her​ Herb Shop and consulting business  and engaging in community and business development -- all while being closely involved in her daughter's daily Raising and homeschooling regiment.​​ Currently, the two main businesses that NuSaiba consults with are God's House International, which provides free medical care and resources in Sierra Leone, Afrika and Waseme Associates law firm.



In 2009,  Nu LEGACY (born NuSaiba) co-founded a mother's group in New York City along with Monique Sykes called the NYC Afrikan Mutu. Mutu is the Mdu Ntr (a.k.a. hieroglyphics) term for Mothers (plural) -- Mut would be the singular form. The group aims to continue in the tradition of women in motherhood as well as in life. We are Women Supporting Women in a Functional Sisterhood. As Mothers, Mothers to Be, Elder Mothers and any woman who is a nurturer we come together to share wisdom, resources and support. We also foster the social, intellectual and cultural development of our "organic children" through discussion, information and activities that are culturally relevant and enriching.


We strongly support Rites of Passage as a way of initiating our young girls into empowered womanhood. We are a group of womb-men residing in NYC journeying forward towards embracing and living in our inherited ancestral knowledge and way of life. We reinforce and promote awareness of Ourstory as a way of living a Balanced and Holistic life and consciousness for our children, families and future generations.


Currently, a publication that focuses on issues of natural child birth, pre and post natal care, natural remedies, prevention and care for child hood illness, Self-nuturing and how to Balance motherhood and womanhood is in the works. More updates will be published as the book develops.



​She has defied the status quo while inspiring many, through her music and works, to do the same. With a reputation for being pro-active in her mission, NuSaiba lives her life for the Upliftment of Oneness, for the Up-Liftment of the global communities in which she dwells and encounters. Her consulting company, Nu Legacy Consultants, assists persons and businesses with creating and maintaining the utmost organization and strategic focus in their goals. She is a Pan-Afrikanist and a member in the All Afrikan Youth Movement (AAYM) which works towards organizing and mobilizing Afrikan youth in the Diaspora and on the continent. Other affiliations include being a Project Manager for God's House International, founded by Yvonne Washington-Turay and Cooperative Collaborator with Per Ankh Khamniversity, founded by Dr. ChenziRa Kahina and Baba Neb KaRa.


In 2007 Nu LEGACY (previously known as L.E.G.A.C.Y.) studied under the world reknowned Queen Afua as a Sacred Woman and has since been guided in the field of Natural Healing by several Natropath practitioners including Dr. Mwt Seshatms Maatnefert, Nswt Mwt Dr. ChenziRa Kahina and Master Herbalist Zakiyyah Madyun. Visit the Nu Living Herb Shop for natural remedies and tools to assist in maintaining a more nature-centered lifestyle.


The name L.E.G.A.C.Y. was given to her by Phil Spawken, her brother and musical collaborator, in 1995. At first hearing, she was hesitant to accept the name, however, after being told what it symbolically stood for, she readily embraced the gift of her new name and is now well known by it: L.E.G.A.C.Y. is an acronym standing for Lovely Elegant Graceful And Charismatic Youth. She is well known as "Nu" in many circles, short for NuSaiba. The concept of Nu also represents the primordial waters of the heavens/cosmos.

Born to Edwin Jackson and Yvonne Washington-Turay, she also has three older brothers, one older sister and four younger brothers. Her family life is where she first learned the concept of collective and cooperative growth and development – a concept that obligates one to make many sacrifices for the sake of the whole while still living on Purpose and in Balance.

Visit Nu LEGACY online at for more media and info.

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