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Videos and Live performances of Nu LEGACY.

WE FREE! featuring I-Talk
We Free! Filmed by Shannon Arvizu, Production by I-Talk, Vocals and Lyrics by Legacy

Wild is the Wind
Inspired by Nina Simone, Nu Legacy performs her rendition of this classic with Lateefah of Kayos Dance as a feature.​

We FREE! Picture Video
Brotha Manu Heru creates a beautiful video of support for LEGACY's single.

Cover: My Funny Valentine
Nu sings her rendition of this song at Rome Neal's Banana Puddin Jazz

Cover: Killing Me Softly
Legacy sings her jazz swing rendition of this song at Rome Neal's Banana Puddin' Jazz.​

We FREE! Live
Nu LEGACY performs We FREE! at secondary school on Rukupr, Sierra Leone, West Afrika.

Nu LEGACY's very FIRST Jazz Performance 2009

Nu LEGACY: ReBirth of the Nu Light

Listen to songs from the recent album below.


View Lyrics and Credits Here.

ReBirth of the Nu Light EP

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