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Revolutionary African Women

September 6, 2013


Since I began the crux on my career as a community organizer in 2008, there are a few peers and elders who I have worked with on a continuous basis. Nana Mzuri Pambeli is one of the elders who shows the utmost consistency and dedication to raising up the consciousness of the youth. Last year she flew me into LA to speak at Pan Afrikan Women's day and to perform. 

After the conference we decided that we would collaborate on a series or articles that would be compliled into a book.  Click here to read my column "Personalize the Revolution" with commentary by Nana Mzuri on



Nu (new) Moon

September 5, 2013


Today is the Nu Moon. You can read a very insightful update on this incoming energy on The Power Path by clicking here.


Excellent Vegan Recipes

September 2, 2013


If you are a vegan, aspiring vegan or would simply like to try cooking new, healthy recipes, I highly recommened visiting the Nu-Covenant Diet website at I made chickpea burgers based on the chick balls recipe on this site and it was delicous!  I made it along with guacamole and added it to the sandwich. There are so many fun and extremely healthy recipes on this site. Check out the food list, as well, to completely elevate your diet towards alkaline, non-mucus forming foods. It just so happens that the name of the organization is NU-Covenant. I am not directly affliated with the comapny, but I really enjoy the vast amount of useful information offered on the site. Give thanks. - Nu



Moving along....

July 24, 2013


This summer has been filled with consistency and enjoyment.  I ended off the Spring 2013 semester with an "A" in my Anatomy & Physiology and Public Speaking courses. I was very pleased with the results of my hard work over the semester. The next semester will begin soon, and one of my biggest goals this summer has been to engage my 3 year old in homeschooling 5 days a week. So, I have been focusing intently on the daily homeschooling regiment which includes structured lessons with writing, reading, fine motor exercises, science and more, field trips and fun summer activities.


Managing my consulting business is constant. I have been occupied with managing exports to Africa and assisting businesses with improving organizational matters. I have also picked up a new hobby of jewelry making which allows my creative side to explore and florish. I decided to begin making my own jewelry as a step to becoming more self-sufficient. I will release a few pieces in the coming months as I get more acquainted with the Art.


After experiencing the passing (moving forward) a few of my loved ones this year ​I have also been focused on spending more time with family. Just the notion is rewarding, but the actual practice of spending quality time with those closest to me is Priceless.


I also had a photo shoot in June that was very fun and displays a "nu" side that I've never really revealed in a photo shoot. I'm looking forward to receiving the final pictures and sharing with you all. My most recent album "ReBirth of the Nu Light" is still available on iTunes, and here on my website. Listen to it and purchase the physical CD or download.


Thank you all for continued Love and Support. Continue to do what resonates with your Spirit. Continue to Live what makes you Happy and allows Elevation of your ideals. Love Eternal. - Nu

Did You Know?

April 3, 2013


In addition to being a recording/performing artist and a singer/songwriter I am also CEO of an Administrative Consulting company called Nu Legacy Consultants. Music and Internal organization  of companies have both been a passion of mine since pre-teens.

I have been playing the piano and composing since the age of 6, recording since the age of about 12 and singing, well all my life. In the same, I started my career in the Administrative field at the age of 13. I now have nearly 16 years of experience keeping companies organized and on the path towards more deliberate, strategic prosperity.


See my list of services on the Nu Legacy Consultants page here and Contact Us if you need assistance with your business. Many Thanks.

International Women's Day

March 8, 2013


Lots of Love to the diverse set of women who I have developed a very close relationship with. You inspire me!
All is Groovy!

February 26, 2013


I got 100/100 on my speech in my Public Speaking class!! Yes, I am proud of myself. The Professor's comments read, "Excellent attention getter. Organized main points, clear examples, engaging delivery. Excellent Presentation!" It was an intro speech where we were instructed to speak on who we are. I entitled mine, "A Life of Service" and I spoke about how my parents and my birth name NuSaiba (meaning to come from good ancestry) Abdus Salaam (meaning servant of the Peace, a Representation of God) destined me for a life of service to my community, mySelf and now my Beautiful daughter who I am homeschooling. Thanks to my Mother who gave me the idea to sing a 30 second prelude of my song "Bright Star" to start it off. Love you, Mum! I look forward to proofing more of your papers while you give me ideas to keep getting these A's. :)

nu legacy, vocalist, rebirth of the nu light
nu legacy, vocalist, rebirth of the nu light
January 31, 2013


Peace Greetings to All of my Family and Supporters, I pray you all are well and living in the Best of Spirits. Before You read further into my message, I must put out the word for you all to, please take

care of your health in all regards. Make sure you are resting, eating the correct foods, managing stress levels and living in Joy. I will have to go into more detail in another newsletter about why I am affirming, on a very deep level, well being for us all. Until then, Be Well and Love Yourself to the Fullest.Here are a few updates I'd like you all to know about:


New Album & the New Official Website

Many of you have seen my message that was sent on November 28th announcing the release of my new album "ReBirth of the Nu Light". Check out tracks from the album and the new official website at: www.IAmNuLegacy.comOf course, feel free to browse around the site. I've added several new sections for you to view on my new web home including a news/blog section, picture gallery, full lyrics and credits for the songs on the album, a video page and under "Contact Us" a page which features my consulting business Nu Legacy Consultants.

Why I changed my name
My artist name previously was L.E.G.A.C.Y.. The name was given to my by my brother, fellow producer and friend around 1995. The acronym stands for Lovely Elegant Graceful And Charismatic Youth. I decided that I would love to keep the name that had been gifted to me as an artist and still use my birth name NuSaiba, somehow. I am well known as "Nu" in many circles and Nu also represents the primordial waters of the heavens. I decided that Nu had to be incorporated into my artist name and L.E.G.A.C.Y. could not go. So, I ReBirthed my name into Nu LEGACY and released an album that I had been working on for 7 months to accompany the new essence of how I have recreated not just my name, but my entire being -- personally and professionally.

So, that's all for now! :) I look forward to keeping in touch with you all. Feel free to send feed-back about the album or website by replying to this email or filling out the contact form on the website.

Peace&Much Love. - NL


Class is back in session

January 29, 2013


I am very excited that my classes have started yet again for this Spring semester. For those who do not know, my major is Nursing.  Why nursing? Well, I've been practicing the natural healing sciences for  years now and I am eager to be licensed in and to learn more about what is going on from the inside in the hospitals and with patients in the West and around the world. American health is declining and I look forward to being able to take a dual approach to health utilizing Eastern (natural) and new-age Western medicine to heal my family, friends and clients. Also, I need to eventually be able to practice Nursing at the God's House clinic in Sierra Leone. I currently serve as a Project Manager for the organization and look forward to servicing in a more direct health service role in the near future. So, send me good vibes as I study away and get my education! ;)


January 14, 2013

I've officially converted my two year old daughter, KebRa, from rice to quinoa as her regular grain/protein. She has been asking me for kidney beans since yesterday, so today's dinner was quinoa with kidney beans...salad for me, green juice for her. Recently my Sister Patience Holmes, who is a Master cook, told me to lightly saute the quinoa with spices before cooking it. I did that tonight and wow! The flavors really pop! Kebra even told me with so much enthusiasm "Its So Yummy!". I have to admit that I"m feeling real good about all the above. :) #ProudMommy/SisterMoment. If you'd like to learn more about the excellent benefits of quinoa and purchase it in bulk, visit my herb shop here.

My signature Respirtory Cleanse and American Health

January 14, 2013

I'm making my signature Respiratory Cleanse for the family this afternoon. I make a batch, put it in the fridge and we drink from it during the week. My toddler will drink it straight sometimes. Its not that bitter with the peppermint and spearmint additions, but for the most part I mix it into her orange juice or a sweet green juice. Last year she had severe respiratory outbreaks and I was determined to go into prevention mode, learn her body and why this was happening....weekly doses of this tea have really helped prevent respiratory illness!!

Let's get our children into healthy habits, instead of emergency or long term treatments once a dis-ease is, we must lead by example.

See this link on "Why American are dying earlier than their international peers". You can get the full report at the link, as well:

Nu's Nu Do!
January 11, 2013

Yes. It is the Nu Moon today, 1.11.2013. It is a Nu Time of Nu Consciousness. and NU has a Nu hairdo! I'm loving it. Many have asked Why? and If I'm worried about my hair growing back. The answer to the "why?" is many...mostly Spiritual and Practical. To the second....the short answer is No. I am in a new phase of Loving me. Since 2005 I have grown my hair to the middle of my back, twice, all natural. The first time without locks, the second time with locks. I now see Hair as an have or not to have. I'm Praying a Prosperous 2013 for all of You. Embrace Your True Essence without hesitation, without fear. Love, - Nu 

(See more pictures of me with the Nu Do on the "Many Faces of Nu" Gallery page.

Kwanzaa 2012
December 2012

Kwanzaa 2012 was great. I attended several events in NYC. For the first day of Kwanzaa, December 26th (UMOJA/UNITY) I attended the Boys and Girls School opening ceremony. The vibration was very much family-like and fun. KebRa played the drums, did hand painting and really enjoyed herself.  The pictures to the left, you see me here with Obediah Wright, Founder of Balance Dance out of Brooklyn and my Sister Monique. That picture was taken at the Museum of natural History in Manhattan on the 4th day of Kwanzaa (UJAMAA/COLLECTIVE WORK AND RESPONSIBILITY).

ReBirth of the Nu Light EP NOW AVAILABLE!
November 28, 2012

Available NOW at the Nu Living Herb Shop & BandCamp! Visit for Full Details. For a Limited Time Listen To the Full Album for FREE!

A Message from Nu:

"I'd like to truly and graciously thank all my Family and Supporters for your constant encouragement and love through all the changes, shifts and consistencies of life. I am so excited to release "Nu LEGACY: ReBirth of the Nu Light" EP today, the Full Moon and final Lunar Eclipse of 2012. It has been some time since my last release and now, two-and-a-half years after the Birth of my first child, Princess KebRa Nyame, I am ready to take on my Craft, Art and Healing Arts full force yet again in a NU way! Pun intended. :) This is just the beginning of something Beautiful and Powerful and it is not about me, it's about WE...and I mean that genuinely. Visit my new website for all the info and I look forward to keeping in touch. Peace&Elevation - N"

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